Slam Dunk Takehiko Inoue Wallpaper

    Slam Dunk, created by Takehiko Inoue, is about Sakuragi Hanamichi and his first year on the Shohoku high school basketball team. This series is a sports manga and it might turn people away initially from reading it; which is a definite shame because Slam Dunk is wonderful series. This is Takehiko Inoue's first major success - if you're more familiar with his other popular creation, Vagabond or Real, this should be right up your ally.

    Slam Dunk is a sports series but it doesn't just solely focus on basketball. It has everything a manga should have: great characters, an inspiring story, hilarious scenes, and exceptional artwork. After watching/reading countless other series it has come to my attention that Slam Dunk is simply one of my favorites.

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Slam Dunk Takehiko Inoue Wallpaper

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