Manga A Vandread

    An examination of gender politics and cultural divisions played as a slide Mecha Space Opera ... no, really.

    In the far future, there are a couple of colony worlds: Tarak and Mejale, locked in a constant state of cold war in space.

    Tarak is the Orwellian world, industrial and militarized men. All foods are synthetic pills, tasteless. All public meetings are related to sports, music, and being manly. Everyone wears a uniform. Babies are made by fusing genes with those of their friends in a factory and being raised by devoted orphanages / schools.

    Mejale is a beautiful planet, but impractical for women. Everything is polished and shiny. All military uniforms are too flattering. Appearances are important. Couples who are citizens of the lesbian up / down variety, called the "Oma" and "Fame" in the native vernacular (probably derived from Homme and Femme), and make babies through the fusion of two eggs and implanted into Fame. They eat real food and real celebrating holidays such as Christmas.

    Naturally, the two worlds hate each other.

    The story follows a young man named Hibiki Tokai, a factory worker who wants to Tarak more than anything to be a pilot as a wick. When his attempt to steal a Humongous Mecha is cast into the dungeon of the rebuilt battleship, things seem to be looking down ... until the ship is attacked by Space Pirates, and Hibiki, a doctor bishonen, a cowardly officer malfunction of a robot end up as prisoners in a ship full of women. Things could not get worse.

    That's when the Pirates find themselves stranded at the other end of the galaxy, with a mysterious alien force to kill them. However, as a result of a serious plot technology, the pirate ship craft merges with men, and one of the "vanguard" mecha-three of the pirates "Dread" combatants have changed. La Vanguardia, piloted by Hibiki, can be combined with any of the three Fear a form with amazing abilities.

    Suddenly, Hibiki is the focus of three girls with different personalities who all want to try to "merge" with him. Of course, none of them have any concept of heterosexuality, and Hibiki does not even seem to know about any sexuality. That awkwardly rediscover their biological imperatives, and to fight a mysterious enemy shadows across the universe.

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Manga A Vandread

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